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OK, I hadn’t originally planned on a Blog spot since my website was intended primarily as a place to show my work and to offer other information on technical details and my workshops and classes.  But, I often get questions like, “Where was that, exactly?”,  or “How did you get to that spot?”, or “Any suggestions for when to travel there?”, and so forth.  So, I decided that a Blog might be good idea.

I hope it will be a fun and informative way to share not only my thoughts, comments and experiences, but those from all of my visitors and other professionals as well.  I hope you’ll visit it often and feel free to leave comments when the whim strikes you.  Just be aware that the Blog comments can be seen by any visitor, so if you want to leave a personal message, do that through the websites main “Contact Me” menu link.

Notice that like most blogs, the postings are usually grouped into topical categories and by date.  So, if you think you might be interested in something that isn’t current, use the “Browse Post Categories” or “Search For Posts” widgets at the right.

I hope you’ll also take note of the “Some Favorites” and “My Go-To Sources” that will link you to some of my favorite photographers, suppliers and references.


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  1. Jim,
    Your photos on your blog are just stunning. You are such a talented photographer. I love your compositions and the use of colors are breathtaking..

    Your friend Judy Neill

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