Published In “Capture Central Oregon” Book


I was recently honored to be among selected photographers to have their work published in “Capture Central Oregon”, dubbed by the publishers  as “the most unique photography book on Central Oregon ever.”   The book’s focus was on the landscape, architecture, history and life of the region.   I was very pleased to have three of my images selected for inclusion among this collection of very fine local photography work.


“Crystal Leaf” depicts  a lone fallen leaf cloaked in ice crystals

and perched delicately on a Central Oregon Frozen Pond.

“Early Snowfall” caught one of Bend’s “couples”

taking a walk among Central Oregon’s blazing

Fall colors as early snowflakes started to fall.


“Snowtree” captures a lone young Fir tree in a

quiet snowfield, another of nature’s winter’s abstracts.


While these aren’t among those that I consider to be some of my better shots, I’m happy that the publishers chose to include them among photography that highlights the great area that I call home.

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