Nevada Clouds and California God-Beams

On my drive back from Las Vegas several weeks ago, I routed through the Owens Valley of California and to Reno.  I had an amazing display of clouds to enjoy most of the way back. Near Bishop, California, it began to sprinkle, quickliy turning into one of those summer rainstorms that we hear about in the desert and mountain regions, complete with lightning and rainbows.

The storm was quick to move on, but along the way, there were dozens of times that I wished I could find a quick place to stop, but traffic and the California Highway Patrol cuirser seemingly alwayws within sight to my rear conspired to limit what might otherwise have been one of those very special moments.  So, I just tried to focus on the addage that sometimes the greatest images are the ones you capture in your mind.

And enjoy the time I certainly did (even though the photographer in me just ached to set the gear up before it all passed!).  Here are several to share with you.



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  1. Your new postings are incredible!. You are incredible!! Such a gift to get the images you get that most of us don’t even see.

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