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Olympic National Park & 2nd Beach

A Segment of the Bill Forney Workshop, Olympic Peninsula, WA

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Before visiting the Olympic NP on Bill Fortney’s His Light Workshop, I had an impression that the entire peninsula would most likely be shrouded in mist or drizzle much of the time.  That wasn’t the case, and in fact, the sunshine made shooting other than at the day’s extremes a bit challenging.

The one exception was Hurricane Ridge, about 20 miles above Port Angeles.  We made three trips (two sunset, one sunrise) and clouds covered much of the ridges and even the ridge itself during the first evening’s shoot.  So we were forced to alter the plan and instead to try out a few macro and close-ups.

Olympic5The most popular subject of the group that evening was of the misty, young lupine leaves along the trail from the parking lot.  It was really funny to be in a big setting like the Hurricane Ridge overlook and see two dozen photographers all huddled near the ground with cameras only inches off the plants – like scientists over microscopes.  Hilarious!

1-px-x-560-px-background-line-shimBut the star of this location is clearly the distant snow-tipped mountains in setting sun.  This isn’t a great example, but was as good as it got for me on those shoots.Hurricane1

Olympic8About halfway down on the drive back down to town, I dropped below the ceiling of clouds that had covered the ridgeline.  An amazing sky, clouds and even a rainbow popped out.  By the time I found a pull-out, most of the rainbow had dissipated, but he scenes from there were worth shooting nevertheless.1-px-x-560-px-background-line-shim

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