My love of photography began early when I was given my first 35mm camera as a 9th birthday gift. I quickly dove into learning its tricks and soon became engrossed with the magic of seeing a scene through the Kodak's ever-so-tiny viewfinder, pressing the shutter
lever, and two weeks later seeing the results in a slide or color print.

Over the next decade, the camera was a regular companion as I shot roll after roll. The subjects were not just of family and everyday events, but also of buildings and structures. That was an early hint of my ultimate study of art at San Diego State University and degree in architecture from the University of Southern California.

My professional career as an architect in Southern California gave me a very deep appreciation for form and function, a relationship that I see everywhere around me in the natural world. Since those years, my more formal and structured photographic training has been at the hands of, and with the support of, many mentors. With the benefit of their technical expertise and guidance, the magic has not only remained, but has grown dramatically from hobby, to serious pursuit, to passion.

As you view my images, my hope is that you come to more fully recognize not only the beauty of the obvious but also of the small, isolated and often delicate fragments of nature, even in its wildest and most unusual settings.

In addition to the creating and printing the images you see here, I also collaborate with other professional photographers and printmakers to teach classes and workshops in a variety of subjects including presentation, matting and mounting techniques, photo-editing essentials, locational preparation and subject-matter awareness. I also conduct hosted tours to diverse locations including the Southern California coast and missions, Canyon de Chelly, Canyonlands,, Yosemite, Arches, Yellowstone, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Zion, the Washington Palouse, and Alaska.